Consumer Liaison Group

The Consumer Liaison Group (CLG) operates to improve the quality, relevance and benefit of cancer research for patients and their families through the active involvement of patients, carers and the public.

The Group brings together people with personal experiences of cancer, including patients, carers and relatives with an active interest in research. It also works with representatives from cancer support organisations, researchers, charities, research funders and other health and research professionals.

The Consumer Liaison Group

The CLG provides feedback and advice to the NIHR Clinical Research Network for Cancer and the National Cancer Research Institute through membership of its Clinical Studies Groups; as well as to wider organisations on issues of importance to patients, carers and the public.

By working with other groups and organisations the CLG also helps to raise public awareness of the importance of clinical research and of cancer research in particular. The CLG is supported by the NIHR Clinical Research Network for Cancer and the NCRI and meets three times each year.


Resource library

Access for All?
Findings from the 2013 NCPES survey: New data on awareness of research, research conversations and participation.

Cancer Patients’ Experience of Research
Findings and Opportunities from NCPES (National Cancer Patient Experience Survey) 2012-14
Briefing Notes to Accompany Slides

It’s OK to Ask – but who doesn’t get asked?
Variations in research conversations with patients and potential participants.

Results from the 2014 NCPES: We Need to Talk

Posters at the 2014 NCRI Cancer Conference:
Are we making a difference?
AstraZeneca-Dragons’ Den collaboration
EORTC-PPI – improving information
Keeping the Customer Satisfied 1
Keeping the Customer Satisfied 2
Keeping the Customer Satisfied 3
PPI Toolkit

Abstracts at the 2014 NCRI Cancer Conference:
Patient information – one approach fits all
Keeping the Customer Satisfied 1 – who are we asking and who participates?
Keeping the Customer Satisfied 2 – who are we asking? Variations by cancer type
Changing the Formula – consumers working with pharma: the Consumer Liaison Group’s work with AstraZeneca
Give Us the Tools – the Consumer Liaison Group’s Toolkit for effective consumer involvement on academic research groups and committees
OK to ask – young people’s views about access to and participation in research
Writing Patient Information Sheets – experience at the MRC Clinical Trials Unit at UCL
Are We Making a Difference? Assessing the impact of Consumer Involvement
The changing landscape of a clinical trials unit – working towards making patient and public involvement part of the culture of our organisation
The Patient Portal – piloting patient access to cancer registry records
Improving information for patients participating in European research – a model for good practice
Vision on information, confidence and engagement – a science for advocates’ course 

Benefits advice service for involvement – personal advice and support on how payment of fees and expenses for public involvement might affect people on state benefits

Survey feedback from induction training – Introduction to NCRI & NIHR CRN Cancer and Building Research Partnerships, 21st & 22nd January 2015

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