Our Performance

our-performance230x170In order for clinical research to be meaningful, researchers need to be able to complete their study within an acceptable timescale. They also need to be able to meet recruitment targets – the number of patients or other participants required to make the study feasible. These factors are important for all researchers, but particularly so for researchers working on commercial life- sciences studies, given that the UK must compete with other countries to host studies that could benefit NHS patients.

Many factors can affect a researcher’s ability to deliver a study effectively – and not all of them are within the control of the Clinical Research Network. However, there are a number of areas which we directly affect or influence, which can improve a researcher’s ability to deliver a clinical study “to time and target”. These include:

  • Introducing effective systems to reduce the length of time it takes for a study to receive NHS permission to start
  • Putting a broad-based infrastructure in place, so that researchers have access to the facilities and research support personnel they need to carry out the study activities

Being able to direct researchers towards local patient populations and research capacity, so that participant targets can be achieved The Clinical Research Network measures its effectiveness against a set of high level objectives. In broad terms, these objectives include:

  • Increasing the proportion of Portfolio studies that deliver in line with the study’s planned delivery time and patient recruitment targets
  • Doubling the number of participants recruited into studies on our Portfolio
  • Reducing the time it takes to get NHS permission for a study to start
  • Reducing the length of time it takes to recruit the first participant onto Portfolio studies Increasing the number of life-sciences studies on our Portfolio
  • Increasing the percentage of NHS Trusts that are involved in delivering our Portfolio

We look at our performance on a quarterly basis.  Visit our Performance Reports page to view these.