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  • Rise of the clinical research workforce

    The Clinical Research Network has been defined by both success and change in recent years. It’s well documented that our structure and performance have transformed, but what does that mean for our workforce? The CRN’s Workforce Development Team describe how they are helping NIHR-funded staff meet the demands of increased expectations.

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  • Preparing student nurses for a research active future

    Clinical research nurses are at the frontline of clinical research in the NHS. Last year they helped deliver more than 5,000 clinical research studies across England and supported more than 600,000 patients in research studies.

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  • Furthering our understanding of Multiple Sclerosis

    With an estimated 100,000 people living with MS in the UK, what is being done to increase our knowledge and understanding of the condition? CRN: East Midlands reports. Published in the Spring 2015 edition of Insight magazine.

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