Key Statistics

Key statistics for 2013/14:

Patient recruitment hits three million

The NIHR Clinical Research Network recruited more than 600,000 patients to clinical research studies last year.

During the year the Network hit a recruitment milestone of more than three million patients recruited to clinical research studies in the last six years. Nearly 96,000 of these patients were recruited to commercial contract studies.

key-stats-160x160NHS engagement is strong – study numbers are up

The proportion of research-active Trusts recruiting patients onto NIHR Clinical Research Network Portfolio studies remains high at over 99%. The number of Trusts engaged in commercial contract clinical research is increasing year on year. 86% of Trusts now recruit patients onto NIHR Clinical Research Network Portfolio commercial contract studies.

Last year the Network pledged research delivery support to 1,477 new clinical studies. 533 of these were new commercial contract studies, a 17% increase on the previous year.

Improved study set-up and delivery

With Network support the time taken for study set-up has improved 43% this year. This means the median number of days to achieve NHS Permission for all study sites is 25 calendar days.

The percentage of studies recruiting to time and target continues to improve year on year. Over the last four years the Network has more than doubled the proportion of clinical studies delivered to 100% time and target.

During 2013/14, the Network recruited 35 first global patients, demonstrating that, through the Network, the UK is internationally competitive in terms of speed of study set-up.

BrightTalk presentation:

NIHR Clinical Research Network Chief Executive Jonathan Sheffield takes you through the background, details and impact of this year’s clinical research statistics. Watch it here